Problems ordering?

From time to time people have problems getting an order through, whether it is for signed items or show tickets. If this happens to you don’t panic! See below for some help and if you still have trouble let us know and we’ll make sure you get your order through.

I can't register! I can't log in!

There is no need to register and no need to log in before ordering – we get all the details we need at the checkout.

I'm still having problems ordering.

The vast majority of problems people have with ordering are down to either our server being really busy (like when a product or event first goes on sale) or some kind of issue with browser plugins or cookies. The following advice works for 99.9% of people who have a problem placing their order:

  1. Please try again with either a different browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) or a different device (e.g. use a phone instead of a computer or vice versa).
  2. If you still have problems after that open a support ticket stating a) What item/event you are ordering for and  b) How many of each type/size item you require. We can then make arrangements for you to pay by an alternative method.